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Christopher Oldham

Christopher has been fascinated with cameras and photography since his childhood back in England, first trying his hand with his father's unofficially borrowed Contax to capture wildlife on the River Thames nearby. He continued his interest throughout school as a passionate member of Photo Clubs and Groups, spending long hours in the darkroom developing  his images -  but he's now thankful that the age of the digital darkroom has arrived and he can leave the chemicals behind!

Now, more than 5 decades later, he is still at it and just as fascinated - though these days he "captures light", from hobbyist to professional, with the Nikon D800 and Olympus OMD E-M1 Mk II equipment in his bag. His travels have taken him all over the world recording life's memories and events in a constant quest to develop, perfect and present his uniquely personal perspective on PLACES, PEOPLE, NATURE & LIFE.

"I like to produce my finished work "in the camera" where possible, but sometimes I see in  my mind a particular "look" that I feel interprets my subject intriguingly, and digital post processing of the image to generate that look is an artful and amazing science that fascinates me. A photograph is a frozen fleeting moment in time, but the satisfaction of creating it endures, and that fleeting  unique moment is preserved forever .. is timeless".

Christopher is a prolific contributor to photography blogs and forums and has created set-up guides and applications for both Nikon and Olympus cameras. He is an ardent supporter of the "mirrorless revolution" finding that, for him, the smaller form factor of the Micro Four Thirds system offers real tangible advantages for travel and street photography without sacrificing image quality, especially when coupled with the professional build specifications of some of the cameras offered today, and the extensive very high quality lens catalogue available for the system.

"I invite you to share with me some of Life's moments captured Through Meye Lens" 

Over the years, Christopher's photographic journey has led him to corporate commissions, travel, product and equestrian photography; event reportage and international photojournalism assignments, Now, having retired from his "real job" in the  business world, he is now enjoying the time to explore and capture on camera the wonders of nature in his home state of Arizona , while discretely observing and recording the idiosynchrasies of humanity!      

"I have pretty much run the gamut of equipment manufacturers' camera bodies and lenses, but now mostly shoot with Nikon full frame and Olympus mirrorless (Micro Four Thirds) camera bodies and lenses. If you would like to see what's in my bag these days, please click the "In My Bag" link on this website"

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